Bilaga 2 till Reserapport från ett besök i Finland den 7-8 november 2019

BRL 2019-10-31

Questions relevant for the Project ”A Swedish National Security Strategy”

In general

  • Who needs a national security strategy and for which purposes?
  • How is a strategy supposed to be used?
  • How is a similar document used in other countries? (Finland, UK, NL, France etc.)
  • How shall a strategy be updated and revised?
  • Who should take ownership of such a national strategy?
  • Who shall be responsible for its implementation?
  • In which way does a strategy affect the work of rebuilding the Swedish total defence?

Some questions to discuss with our Finnish colleagues

  • Which were the driving forces behind the Finnish strategy (Säkerhetsstrategi för samhället)?
  • How do you ”define” strategy in this context?
  • How was the threat spectrum discussed att treated?
  • How was the work organised and which actors participated?
  • What is your opinion about the process (the pros and cons)?
  • How is the strategy supposed to be implemented and used?
  • Which is the role of the Security committee concering the strategy?
  • Who is responsible for keeping the strategy alive and current?
  • Are there any changes or improvements you would like to see concering the current Finnish strategy?
  • Are there any changes or improvements you would like to see concering the process behind it and for implementing it?
  • How would you describe the link to the EU security strategy?

Some questions from a Nordic perspective

  • Would a join Nordic – or Finnish & Swedish strategy be desirable and possible?
  • What elements of the national strategies could be included, or not included, in such a common strategy?
  • Where could an initiative be launched for drafting such a shared security strategy?