International Institute for Strategic Studies invites interested members of the Academy of War Sciences to attend a seminar on Arctic security, Friday 19 April at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Art, Jakobsgatan 27 C in Stockholm.

The event is free, but registration is essential to, ideally by Wednesday 17 April.

This is the fourth and final event of the IISS Arctic Forum, which aims to bolster debate on issues relevant to the strategic framework in the region through a series of workshops, discussion meetings and publications focusing on geoeconomics, geopolitics, and military and security co-operation.

This seminar discussion will include:

  • Key points of action for Arctic stability, from Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt and Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja
  • Maintaining low tension in the region and developing Arctic security architecture
  • Assessing logistical barriers to Arctic development
  • Russia’s Arctic development policies
  • Summary of the Arctic Forum’s previous workshops on geoeconomics, geopolitics and security cooperation

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