Lars and Astrid Alberger’s Foundation


According to the directions of the foundation, the proceeds from the foundation’s assets are to be used for supporting research of considerable importance for the defence of Sweden.

The Academy’s Presiding Committee has interpreted these directions as involving research or other scientific work connected to security policy and to security in a wider sense. By ‘security’ is meant anything from military activity to crisis management in connection with exceptional events such as cyber attacks, serious crime and environmental crime.

To this end, grants can be applied for by both individual persons, institutions and departments in public administration and by non-profit associations.

Applications for grants are to be submitted to the Permanent Secretary of the Academy by 1 March, see address here »

Applications are to be well motivated stating aim, product, need for financial support and timetable for the work/activity, as well as what other sources for financing there are or may be in question.

After the application has been submitted, the material is scrutinized by the Academy’s Examining Committee, which, annually, before 1 September has to deliver its opinion in the matter.

A decision as to prospective grants is made by the Academy’s board during September.

Additional information on grants can be obtained after contact with the Academy’s Permanent Secretary.