Section I, Land Warfare Studies

Chairperson Colonel Jan Mörtberg
Vice-Chairperson Colonel Anders Emanuelson
Secretary Lieutenant Colonel Henrik Sjövall
Election Committee Brigadier General Anders Carell (convener of meetings)
Major General Anders Brännström
Lieutenant Colonel Johan Wiktorin
Major General Per Lodin (substitute)
MPhil Niklas Wikström (substitute)


Section II, Naval Warfare Studies

Chairperson Captain (Navy) Bengt Lundgren
Vice-Chairperson Colonel Håkan Söderlindh
Secretary Brigadier General Lars-Olof Corneliusson
Election Committee Lieutenant General Lars G Persson (convener of meetings)
Colonel Peder Ohlsson
Commodore Peter Bager


Section III, Air Warfare Studies

Chairperson Major General Jan Andersson
Vice-Chairperson Lieutenant Colonel Martin Anderberg
Secretary Lieutenant Colonel Claes Bergström
Election Committee Lieutenant General Anders Silwer (convener of meetings)
Colonel Anders Persson
Major General Bengt Svensson
Colonel Mats Olofsson (substitute)


Section IV , The Sience of Military Technology

Chairperson Colonel Jan-Erik Lövgren
Vice-Chairperson Professor Gunnar Hult
Secretary Tekn dr Magnus Ruding
Election Committee Head of Department Martin Rantzer
Senior Engineer Richard O Lindström
Brigadier General John Stjernfalk (Suppleant)
Rear Admiral Thomas Engevall (Suppleant)


Section V, Other Branch of Science of Importance to the Nation’s Security and Defence

Chairperson Director-General Marie Hafström
Vice-Chairperson Director-General Peter Lagerblad
Secretary PH.D Thomas Hörberg
Election Committee Associate Professor Ann Enander
Professor Bengt Sundelius
Mr Ingemar Wahlberg
Analyst Annika Nordgren Christensen (substitute)
General Customs Director Therese Mattsson (substitute)


Section VI, Security Policy Studies

Chairperson Ambassador Michael Sahlin
Vice-Chairperson Colonel Jan Blomqvist
Secretary Senior Researcher Niklas Granholm
Election Committee Ambassador Mikael Eriksson (convener of meetings)
Director of Research Robert Dalsjö
Director of Research Carolina Vendil Pallin
Editor Hans Lindblad (substitute)
CEO Rutger Lindahl (substitute)