International Conference 7-8 November 2018

The Swedish Defence University (SEDU) cordially invites you to a two-day conference in November 2018 in Stockholm. A century ago, the First World War ended. When the guns fell silent in November, a new era dawned upon Europe and the world. The consequences of the war, the conditions of its termination and a new set of projects for utopian orders born in 1918 arguably shaped the modern world.

The conference explores and analyses the consequences of 1918 seen with the benefit of a century’s hindsight. The conference revolves around four themes: Warfare, ethnicity/nationalism, the political use of violence, and the shape of states and societies.

Confirmed Speakers:

Professor Hew Strachan, University of St Andrews.
Professor Emeritus Kristian Gerner, Lund University.
Professor Richard Ned Lebow, Kings College, London.
Professor Sinisa Malesevic, University College Dublin.
Dr Lina Sturfelt, Lund University.
Oscar Jonsson, Swedish Defence University.
Dr Susanna Rabow Edling, Uppsala University.
Dr Peter Haldén, Swedish Defence University.

The conference is organized within the framework of the Graduate Colloquium of the Swedish Defence University. It thereby seeks to link not only the past and the present in terms of its themes, but also by bringing together established scholars with doctoral students.

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