Project SV-A-R: Sweden in the EU and NATO – Deterrence and Resilience

Project SV-A-R: Sweden in the EU and NATO – Deterrence and Resilience2024-03-09T15:43:57+01:00

The new Academy project SV-A-R: Sweden in the EU and NATO – Deterrence and Resilience

Sweden is a member of NATO. The government has appointed a defense inquiry which on 26 April 2024 will present a basis for the defense decision to be adopted in 2025. From being a non-aligned country to securing its security within the framework of NATO, it will require a significant adjustment of the Swedish total defense and of society at large, also mentally. The Academy of Military Sciences with its broad and deep competence within it the defense and security policy area should be able to make a valuable contribution in this context.

Funding has now been granted for this project by the Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation. Sweden faces serious threats and security policy challenges. Robust responses (Swedish: SVAR) are required in terms of capabilities, deterrence and resilience. The project will until the end of 2025 study how these goals can be met in a sustainable way in cooperation within the EU and NATO. Follow the project’s website to be informed about how the work is progressing from a number of different perspectives.

A pilot study will be available in late February 2024 and discussed at the Academy Winter Symposium on 21 February.

The idea is to feed into discussions on future strategies on all levels, from the NATO Strategic concept to Swedish national and sectoral strategies.

A feasibility study will be completed at the end of 2023.

The idea is to feed into discussions about future strategies at all levels, from NATO’s strategic concept to Swedish national and sectoral strategies.

The project builds on several previous Academy projects that are documented on, partly KV-21, partly SES. Both projects have resulted in a number of writings and essays that can largely be downloaded freely via Open Access and the Academy’s bookstore.

The structure of the project page is described in more detail here.

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  • How should military and civilian capabilities be built to contribute to NATO’s deterrence policy – with its various components – in cooperation with the EU?
  • How can Swedish resilience be strengthened to contribute to increased deterrence as well as endurance within society as a whole?

Project management and area managers

Project Chair: Ambassador Ph D Lars-Erik Lundin email:
Scientific advisor: Professor Kjell Engelbrekt

Information: Lieutenant colonel Johan Lindevall
Editor: Lieutenant colonel Tommy Jeppsson


Crosscutting issues

Security policy perspectives

Military Capabilities and Military Operations

Nuclear weapons and related strategic questions

Societal resilience

Hybrid warfare incl. cyber


Defence Industry

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