Proceedings and Journal

The Academy’s publication Proceedings and Journal is issued four times a year and is popularly known as “the yellow magazine” due to its yellow cover. Its contents cover all aspects of our total defence, such as: security policy, military technology, operational art, military history, etc. Apart from the Academy’s members, the authors are external prominent writers, researchers and debaters with connections to the various parts of our total defence organization.

The editor of the publication is Lieutenant Colonel Tommy Jeppsson, link for contact.

The Academy’s Proceedings and Journal is the only Swedish publication that at the same time offers you:

  • Qualified analyses of our total defence organization,
  • Current debate on security and defence policy, and
  • Historical perspectives and visions of the future.

The Proceedings and Journal has been issued uninterruptedly since 1797 and is an excellent source for studies in the development of the art of war during the last 200 years.

ISSN 0023-5369

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The Proceedings and Journal

The Proceedings and Journal is in actual fact two publications in one. The Proceedings constitute a documentation of the Academy’s activities, while the Journal represents the Academy’s image and is an instrument in the debate on our defence.

The Proceedings

Published in the Proceedings are the inaugural speeches, the annual reports, documentation from symposiums, plus other documents that concern the activities of the Academy.

The Journal

Published in the Journal are other articles by both Academy members and writers independent of the Academy. The Journal also includes debate articles and book reviews.


The Proceedings and Journal includes reviews of both current published work within the Academy’s field of activities and interest; (security) policy, biographies, memoirs, works of a general character and works of reference.

The editorial staff are happy to receive suggestions as to current literature (authors, publishing houses, places of issue and year of publication) that may be of special interest for review.