Examples of issues in focus in view of the upcoming Academy project:

As soon as the next Academy project is underway a dedicated page will be set up to inform about progress from at least five perspectives: EU-NATO integration, hybrid issues, strategy and follow up to the previous SES project – in addition to generic military and civilian perspectives.In the meantime below some of the more specific issues that are likely to form a basis for the work in addition to a number of articles by different authors on this page and in the Academy journal.

An internal zoom event has focussed on deterrence as a central aspect of lessons learned from the Ukraine war.

Other tags will link to flow security, values, and interests, defense capacity – military and civil, structural and organizational issues, nuclear etc.

Different mindmaps and other illustrations will make it possible to see links between various contributions and clusters, including efforts underway in different Academy sections. Avoiding stovepipes in future Academy work will be an essential objective. The idea is to feed into discussions on future strategies on all levels, from the NATO Strategic concept to Swedish national and sectoral strategies.

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