In the coming months and years, Sweden will most likely have to reconsider several fundamental assumptions that have formed the basis of Swedish security policy for a long time. This also applies to recently made assumptions, for example, that Sweden will be able to become a member of NATO without problems – even if developments in the last few days merit more optimism. Sweden may also have to reconsider its stance on the euro to ensure that we become part of the inner core of Europe. In that case, this should be done without a referendum. The Swedish security strategy now being drafted must contain important goals regarding cooperation with large countries outside the West that are of fundamental importance for Swedish trade and cooperation, including culturally more closely related countries such as India and Brazil, apart from Japan. The Swedish view must be developed within the framework of the project in dialogue with a wider foreign circle, which means that much of what is produced must also be available in English. However, the analysis should be based on the assumption that Sweden is a member of NATO.

This and much more was developed in a podcast (unfortunately only in Swedish) recording introduced by the Governor of the Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences, Björn von Sydow, on the occasion of the start of the new Academy project SV-A-R. The acronym is associated with the notion that Sweden needs to have its security reinforced with more deterrence and resilience while being sustainable and broader than a purely reactive military defense. Responses must also include strategies for collaborations with vital potential partners worldwide, including in Africa.