The Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences is to promote sciences of importance to Sweden’s security and defence. The Academy does this by monitoring research and development of importance to these fields.

The directed activities of the Academy consist of the following:

  • Organizing symposiums, seminars and lectures,
  • Carrying out reports and investigations,
  • Delivering opinions and comments on proposals circulated for consideration, etc.,
  • Supporting research efforts and issuing publications,
  • Publishing the Academy’s Proceedings and Journal, and
  • Distributing awards.

Thre Academy meets at least six times annually. Within each section meetings take place at least three times a year. All members of the Academy are summoned to these meetings.

At the meetings of the Academy and of its sections, presentations and annual reports, among other things, are presented by the sections as well as inaugural speeches by new members and lectures by external speakers. Non-members are also invited to take part in these programmes.

The Academy cooperates with the Oslo Militaere Samfund. For more information on the latter, please enter here »