The Tibell Foundation

The Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences was founded in 1796 by Lieutenant General baron Gustaf Wilhem af Tibell. According to its statutes, the Academy is to promote sciences of importance for the nation’s defence and to monitor and watch research and development of importance for the nation’s security and defence. The Academy’s wish is, as an independent institution, to contribute towards and take part in the debate on security matters.

On 12 November, 2012, the Academy adopted directions for a newly established foundation, the Tibell Foundation. The aim of this foundation is to support the Academy’s activities as a scientific instrument within the areas of security and defence.

The Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences is grateful for contributions to the Tibell Foundation. Contributions may be in the form of ready money, stock, etc., from individual persons and legal entities. For these purposes, the foundation’s bank giro account number 111-3075 is to be used, or Swish account (1236249460 Tibellska fonden).


Directions For the Tibell Foundation for the support of activities within The Royal Academy of War Sciences (adopted on 12 November, 2012).

1§.    The forerunner of the Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences, the Swedish Society of War, was founded on 12 November, 1796. The initiator of the society was Captain, as he was then, later General G.W.Tibell, who, together with a few other “serving Officers and Instructors of the Royal War Academy at Carlberg”, formed the Society of War. The aim was to create a forum for developing and disseminating knowledge about the art of war within the Army and to stimulate officers to improve their skills in these matters. On 2 May, 1805, “King Gustav Adolf IV graciously bestowed upon the Society the name of The Academy of War Sciences”.

Since its foundation in 1796, His Majesty the King has been the patron of the Academy.

On 12 November 2012, the Tibell Foundation was established in order to support the activities of the Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences with the aim of guaranteeing the will of the founders. The foundation makes up a part of the Academy’s assets with its own statement of accounts.

2§.    The foundation is to be made up of donations in the form of ready money, stock, and actual assets from individual persons and legal entities.

3§.     Donators are to be registered and made known annually in the Academy’s Proceedings and Journal and are to be shown on the Academy’s home page. In the case of larger donations, the donator can be rewarded with a medal and/or an invitation to the Academy’s annual festive celebration.

4§.     The Academy’s Presiding Committee is to be responsible for the administration of the foundation’s assets. Instructions for the administration are to be given to the Academy’s Finance Committee.

5§.     The foundation’s assets are to be administered by the trustee department of a commercial bank, which is under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

6§.     The foundation’s assets are to be used for the Academy’s activities in accordance with the aims paragraph included in the statutes.

7§.     The Academy’s Presiding Committee decides annually, in September, on how much of the foundation’s assets are to be allocated to activities according to §6. The actual value of the foundation’s assets are, however, to be maintained by their being adjusted upwards with a sum that covers the inflation rate as well as with an actual growth rate that is established by the Presiding Committee.

8§.     Administration of the foundation is to be audited annually by the Academy’s auditors. Their auditor’s report is to submitted anually through the Academy’s auditor’s report in its entirety.


The Academy gratefully acknowledges the following generous donation/s;

Björn Anderson
Jörn Beckmann
Carl Björeman
Kerstin Fredga
Lennart Frick (till minne)
Bengt Gustafsson
Marie Hafström
Inge Jonsson
Gunnar Magnusson
Sven-Christer Nilsson
Jan Mörtberg
Erik Norberg
Mikael Odenberg
Frank Rosenius
John Stjernfalk
Björn von Sydow
Owe Wagermark

How does one make a donation?

Donations consisting of ready money can be paid into bank giro account no. 111-3075 with the text: “Tibellska Fonden”,

Donations consisting of stock is made by a donator instructing a securities administrator/securities deposit (Sw.: VPC) to a security account at the Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB), account no. 01-006 987 142 with the text “Tibellska Fonden”,

Dividends/interests with regard to stock are to be managed in the same way,

In the case of donations made through a provision of will (legacy), the Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB) is to be stated with the text: “Tibellska Fonden” plus the bank giro account number/securities deposit in the will.

Additional information

The Academy is not registered as the recipient of gifts with tax exemption. On the other hand, the Academy has a limited tax liablity. This implies that both a donator and the Academy avoid tax if stock, fixed assets (or the equiv.) are submitted direct to the foundation without being preceded by a sale.