1. General

The rules for competition documents, 2014, have been laid down by the Academy’s Presiding Committee who have chosen to keep the choice of subjects open this year.

The Academy’s Examining Committee is the body that will evaluate submitted contributions. Contributions that meet the accepted quality level set by the committee will be rewarded. A decision on rewards is made by the Presiding Committee of the Academy.

The rules are published in the Proceedings and Journal and also on the home page and serve as an announcement for anyone wanting to enter the competition.

2. Rules

A written comptetition entry can cover an optional subject within the areas incorporated in the Academy’s field of activities, i.e. the military defence, technology applied to the Academy’s field of activities, the civilian parts of our societal and total defence as well as civilian crisis management, military history and foreign, security and defence policies plus strategy.

A written competition entry can be composed by one, or, alternatively, by at the most two authors. The contribution will not be evaluated if the author/authors reveal their name/names in it. All those interested in entering the competition may submit their entries for assessment.

Please note that a written contribution should comprise a maximum of 20 A4-sized pages in Times New Roman typeface with a font size of 12 and a spacing of 1.5. A bibliography and reference notes are not to be included in the above-stated number of pages.

A written competition entry is to be written in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish or English.

A written competition entry must not be previously published as a separate publication or in the form of an article, or, alternatively, as a chapter in a collection of essays.

The Academy is pleased to receive essays from students at the Swedish National Defence College or the Military Academy (FHS/MHS).

Written competition entries for 2014 are to be submitted to the Academy by 30 November 2014. The contribution is to be sent in with a slip bearing the name of the entrant/entrants, home address/es, email address/es and telephone number/s in a sealed envelope – free of text.

The Academy awards any entrant who is assessed by the Academy as deserving it with an award medal in silver or gold of the 8th order plus a pecuniary gift of a minimum of SEK 10,000. An awarded written competition entry will be included in the Proceedings and Journal.

A written competition entry that is assessed as not fulfilling the degree of quality for being suitable for receiving an award may be accepted for publication in the Academy’s Proceedings and Journal under the section of analysis, discussion and debate.