Military Thinking in the 21st Century

Editors: Gudrun Persson, Carolina Vendil Pallin and Tommy Jeppsson
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Published 2015 by The Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences
ISBN 978-91-980878-6-4

Format 155*225 mm
295 pages/sidor

175.00 kr

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Military Thinking in the 21st Century

Far from becoming a thing of the past, wars are continuously fought in the world. Warfare and military power remain a highly relevant topic in a globalized and post-modern world. This book reflects a multitude of international perspectives on current military thinking communicated through some of the most prominent military thinkers of the world today. Subjects that are covered are conventional warfare on land, air and sea, power projection and sustainability, new technology and warfare as well as asymmetric aspects on warfare. The book offers the readers a basis for continued reflection on the many thoughtprovoking chapters.

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