Lars and Astrid Alberger’s Foundation


According to the statutes of the foundation, the proceeds are to be used for rewarding Swedish persons who have performed prominent achievements for maintaining Sweden’s external independence and/or securing the internal security of the Realm.

The Presiding Committee of the Academy has interpreted these directions as being achievements within the areas of security policy and defence policy. This may, for example, apply to:

  • Inventions that are of considerable importance to the nation’s defence and that can be placed at the disposal of our defence,
  • The publishing of publications of great merit with a military-scientific content and which are of importance to the nation’s defence,
  • Organizational proposals and facilities which have been introduced in our defence and which are of considerable importance, and
  • The uncovering of actions that are directed against the nation’s security.

To this end, the Academy annually invites agencies and organizations within the defence sector to propose awards to deserving persons.

Suggestions for persons liable for awards are to be submitted to the Permanent Secretary of the Academy by 1 March, se address here »

Applications are to be well motivated, stating what the person in question has achieved and what importance this person’s achievement has implied for the nation’s security.

After the application has been submitted, the material is scrutinized by the Academy’s Examining Committee, which, annually, before 1 September has to deliver its opinion in the matter.

A decision as to which persons are to be awarded is made by the Academy’s board during September.

The persons who have been given awards are subsequently invited to the Academy’s annual festive celebration in order to receive their awards with the customary forms and ceremonies.

Additional information on awards can be obtained after contact with the Academy’s Permanent Secretary.