The Tibell Foundation


How does one make a donation?

  • Donations consisting of ready money can be paid into bank giro account no.
    111-3075 with the text: “Tibellska Fonden”,
  • Donations consisting of stock is made by a donator instructing a securities administrator/securities deposit (Sw.: VPC) to a security account at the Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB), account no. 01-006 987 142 with the text “Tibellska Fonden”,
  • Dividends/interests with regard to stock are to be managed in the same way,
  • In the case of donations made through a provision of will (legacy), the Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB) is to be stated with the text: “Tibellska Fonden” plus the bank giro account number/securities deposit in the will.

Additional information.

  • The Academy is not registered as the recipient of gifts with tax exemption. On the other hand, the Academy has a limited tax liablity. This implies that both a donator and the Academy avoid tax if stock, fixed assets (or the equiv.) are submitted direct to the foundation without being preceded by a sale.