The Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences was founded in 1796 by Lieutenant General baron Gustaf Wilhem af Tibell. According to its statutes, the Academy is to promote sciences of importance for the nation’s defence and to monitor and watch research and development of importance for the nation’s security and defence. The Academy’s wish is, as an independent institution, to contribute towards and take part in the debate on security matters.

On 12 November, 2012, the Academy adopted directions for a newly established foundation, the Tibell Foundation. The aim of this foundation is to support the Academy’s activities as a scientific instrument within the areas of security and defence.

The Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences is grateful for contributions to the Tibell Foundation. Contributions may be in the form of ready money, stock, etc., from individual persons and legal entities. For these purposes, the foundation’s bank giro account number 111-3075 is to be used.

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