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Kungl Krigsvetenskaps­akademien grundades 1796 av general­löjtnanten, friherre Gustaf Wilhelm af Tibell.
Akademien ska främja vetenskaper av bety­delse för fädernes­landets försvar samt följa och bevaka forsk­ning och utveck­ling av bety­delse för rikets säkerhet och försvar.
Akademiens vilja är att, som en oberoende institution, bidra till och delta i försvars- och säkerhetsdebatten.
Tibellska fonden är öppen för att stödja Akademiens verk­samhet som ett veten­skapligt instrument inom säkerhets- och försvars­området.
 Stöd Akademien! Lämna ett bidrag till Tibellska fonden!
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Section I, Land Warfare Studies

Chairperson Major General Karlis Neretnieks +46 8 666 99 89
Vice-Chairperson Colonel Jan Mörtberg
Secretary Lieutenant Colonel Henrik Sjövall +46 171 15 71 16
Election Committee Brigadier General Anders Carell (convener of meetings)
Major General Anders Brännström
Lieutenant Colonel Johan Wiktorin
Major General Per Lodin (substitute)
Mr. Niklas Wikström, researcher (substitute)


Section II, Naval Warfare Studies

Chairperson Captain (Navy) Bengt Lundgren 076-626 02 80
Vice-Chairperson Colonel Håkan Söderlindh
Secretary Colonel Lars-Olof Corneliusson 070-584 21 00
Election Committee Commodore Jonas Haggren (convener of meetings)
Lieutenant General Lars G Persson
Commodore Peter Bager


Section III, Air Warfare Studies

Chairperson Major General Jan Andersson 073-546 7247
Vice-Chairperson Major Martin Anderberg
Secretary Lieutenant Colonel Claes Bergström 070-818 83 93
Election Committee Lieutenant General (Air Force) Anders Silwer (convener of meetings)
Major General Bengt Svensson
Colonel Anders Persson
Colonel (Air Force) Mats Olofsson (substitute)


Section IV , The Sience of Military Technology

Chairperson Colonel Jan-Erik Lövgren 070-676 31 27
Vice-Chairperson Professor Gunnar Hult
Secretary Magnus Ruding, D.Eng. +46 8 653 80 20
Election Committee Vacancy (convener of meetings)
Brigadier General Johan Stjernfalk
Rear Admiral Thomas Engevall


Section V, Other Branch of Science of Importance to the Nation’s Security and Defence

Chairperson Director-General Marie Hafström 070-855 34 41
Vice-Chairperson Director-General Peter Lagerblad
Secretary Dr. Thomas Hörberg
Election Committee Mr. Bo Richard Lundgren (convener of meetings)
Mr. Ingemar Wahlberg
Professor Bengt Sundelius
Mrs. Annika Nordgren Christensen (substitute)
Dr. Ann Enander (substitute)


Section VI, Security Policy Studies

Chairperson Ambassador Mats Bergquist
Vice-Chairperson Colonel Jan Blomqvist
Secretary Mr. Niklas Granholm, senior researcher +46 8 541 364 10
Election Committee Ambassador Mikael Eriksson (convener of meetings)
Mr. Robert Dalsjö, director of research
Dr. Carolina Vendil Pallin, director of research
Mr. Hans Lindblad, editor (substitute)
Mr. Rutger Lindahl, CEO (substitute)

The Presiding Committee

The Presiding Committee

President Director-General Mikael Odenberg
Vice President Major General Bo Waldemarsson
Permanent Secretary Major General Björn Anderson
Treasurer Mr. Sven-Christer Nilsson, CEO
Chairperson, Section I Major General Karlis Neretnieks
Chairperson, Section II Captain (Navy) Bengt Lundgren
Chairperson, Section III Major General (Air Force) Jan Andersson
Chairperson, Section IV Colonel Jan-Erik Lövgren
Chairperson, Section V Director-General Marie Hafström
Chairperson, Section VI Ambassador Mats Bergquist




Vice President

Tel 0171-441 723, mobil 073-546 7247

Tel. no: +46 171 441 723; mob. phone: 073-546 7247

Bo Waldemarsson is a Major General (Air Force) and has been a member of the Academy since 1997. He was elected chairperson of Section III in 2012.

General Waldemarsson is an Air Force officer with training for service in an air command operations centre and has passed through the Advanced Command Course of the Swedish National Defence College as well as an advanced command course at the US Air War College from 1994 to 1995.

General Waldemarsson started his career at the Kalmar Air Force Wing (Sw. designation: F12) and has served at the Defence Command HQ and the Swedish Armed Forces’ HQ. He was CO of the Central Air Command, CO of the planning staff at the Swedish Armed Forces’ HQ and CO of the Central Military District. General Waldemarsson has also served as assistant undersecretary at the Ministry of Defence and has been defence attaché in Washington, USA. General Waldemarsson retired from the Armed Forces in 2010 and was at that time advisor at the Ministry of Defence.

General Waldemarsson was an expert advisor at the National Defence Committee from 1998 to 2000.

Permanent Secretary

Mob.phone: 076-760 96 40

Björn Andersson is a Major General and has been a member of the Academy since 1994. He belongs to Section I and was ekected Permanent Secretary of the Academy in 2009.

General Andersson was appointed Second Lieutenant in the Armoured Corps in 1969 and was CO of the Skaraborg Regiment (Sw. designation: P4/Fo 35) from 1993 to 1995. During the years 2000 to 2001, General Andersson was head of  Military Science at the Swedish National Defence College. General Andersson retired from the Swedish Armed Forces in 2005 after being CO of the Northern Military District.

Within the Swedish Armed Forces, General Andersson has participated in organizational and command investigations/studies.

Among other things, General Andersson has been chairman of the board of the Baltic Defence College and the Non-Profit Officers’ Support Association, as well as being a board member of  the National Properties Organization for Historical Museums and Military Barracks.



Chairperson, Section I,  Land Warfare Studies

Tel. No. +46 8 666 99 89; mob. phone: 073-394 99 88

Karlis Neretnieks is a Major General and has been a member of the Academy since 1989. He was elected chairperson of Section I in 2010.

General Neretnieks was appointed Second Lieutenant in the Södermanland Regiment in 1971 and has been CO of the Gotland Regiment and of SWEDINT (Swedish Armed Forces’ International Command), as well as Principal of the Swedish National Defence College. General Neretnieks has also been an advisor to the governments of the Baltic states with regard to the building up of their armed forces. Apart from Swedish officer training, General Neretnieks has also passed through Haerens Stabsskole in Oslo, Norway, and studied at the Institut Universitaire de Hautes Etudes Internationales in Geneva, Switzerland.

General Neretnieks has previously been a board member of the Swedish Defence Research Agency, FOI, and is currently a board member of The Society (Sw. Sällskapet) and a member of the Advisory Board of the Geneva Centre for the Democratization of Armed Forces, DCAF.

After retirement in 2004, General Neretnieks has devoted himself to security-political research at the Defence Research Agency and at the Institute for Security and Development Policy, ISDP.

Chairperson, Section II, Naval warfare Studies






Chairperson, Section III, Air Warfare Studies

Chairperson, Section IV, the Science of Military Technology
Jan-Erik Lövgren

Mob. phone: 070-676 31 27

Jan-Erik Lövgren is a Colonel and has been a member of the Academy since 2006. He belongs to Section IV and was elected chairperson of the Section in 2011.

Colonel Lövgren has been an officer of the Army Technical Branch since 1976 and has served alternately at military units and schools, and also at the Swedish Armed Forces’ HQ and the Defence Materiel Administration, FMV.

From 1995 to 1998, Colonel Lövgren was head of the Army Technical School in Östersund.

Colonel Lövgren passed through the Basic Course at the Swedish National Defence College in 2000 and the Continuation Course in 2001. Colonel Lövgren also attended the Advanced National Intelligence Course in 2005 and the French course, The European Session of Responsibles for Armamament, in Paris in 2006.

Since 2004, Colonel Lövgren has been serving at the Inspectorate for Strategic Products, ISP, as Deputy Director-General.

Chairperson, Section V, Other Branch of Science of Importance to the Nation’s Security and Defence

Marie Hafström





Chairperson, Section VI, Security Policy Studies

Tel. no: +46 8 651 60 64; mob. phone: 073.339 33 60

Mats Bergquist is a Ph.D. and former ambassador. He has been a member of the Academy since 1984 and was elected chairperson of Section VI in 2011.

After studies in history and economics, Dr. Berquist graduated as a fil.mag (equiv. of B.A.) in Lund in 1960. Dr. Berquist took his Ph.D. in 1970 and was appointed senior lecturer in social secience the same year at the University of Lund. After many years of working life within Swedish foreign administration he ended his career as ambassador in London in 2004. On his way there he served, among other things, at the UN delegation in New York, as embassy counsellor in Washington and assistant undersecretary and head of the political department’s unit for Western Europe and America at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Dr. Berquist has also been ambassador in Israel and Cyprus as well as in Helsinki.

From 1974 to 1976, Dr. Bergquist was assistant secretary in the 1974 defence report. He is currently chairman of, among other assignments,Växjö University, the Swedish Institute of International Affairs and the Sweden-Finland Society. In addition, he is a member of the British-Swedish Chamber of Commerce and a board member of the Finnish-Swedish Cultural Centre in Hanaholmen.

Dr. Bergquist has published five books, the latest one being “The Blair Experiment” (Sw.: Experimentet Blair) in 2007 as well as some 150 articles in journals and newspapers.